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YUPHEY P. 12月 2019
lighter load!
私たちは街の周りにラグする必要はありませんでしたので、一日のために私たちのスーツケースを落とすことができるように良かったです。 それが世界の残りの部分であるかどうかはわかりませんが、ペナンでは場所はすべてアトラクションに近いので、あなたの日が正しく計画されている限り、あまりにも遠く迷う必要はありませんでした。
It was nice to be able to drop our suitcases off for the day so we did not have to lug around the city. Not sure how it is around the rest of the world, but in Penang the locations are all close to attractions so you didn't have to stray too far as long as your day is planned out correctly.
VIKAS R. 12月 2019
Had a wonderful and seamless experience.
マレーシアのペナンに旅行し、ガーニー地区から出発したかった。 便利な立Radical Storageの場所を見つけました. 全体のプロセスはスムーズで時間を節約しました。 必要に応じて再度使用します。
Traveled to Penang, Malaysia and wanted to leave from Gurney area. Found a Radical Storage location conveniently located. Whole process was smooth and timesaving. Will use again if needed.
INDRA 4月 2019
Very Helpful
Luggage service procedure was straightforward. It would be better if your customers know the Angel's name/contact person before they store their luggages.
でRadical Storageを使用しました

Are you looking for a perfect place to leave your bags for a few hours or a whole day? Use our luggage storage near Gurney Drive!. Radical is an innovative and easy-to-use service just a few clicks away, with a price of only RM 25 per bag/day, at no extra cost.
Book at the last minute or beforehand – it's up to you – and deliver your bags to a secure and verified location.
To reserve your space, select the luggage storage – via the website or our app – and proceed with the online payment. In a few seconds, you will receive the necessary directions.
Our Angel's hotel is open all day long and ready to keep your luggage safe for as long as you need.

Get some tips on the area

George Town is the capital of Penang State. It's a tourist destination suitable for all types of travelers: it ensures comfort, relaxation, good food and opportunities for perfect shopping.
Our partner is within walking distance from Gurney Plaza, one of the main shopping centers in the area.
A few meters away, you can also visit another shopping mall called Gurney Paragon. It has an entire floor dedicated to local and international gastronomy.
Get rid of unnecessary weight and enjoy the day without stress thanks to Radical's service!

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