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Забронируй место в пункте хранения в городе Антверпен через radical storage, первую сеть хранения багажа

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Все места хранения безопасны и гарантированны, и весь багаж, оставляемый через платформу, покрыт гарантией Radical Storage

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comfortably luggage storage in Antwerp

Radical works hard every day to give quality to your travels. Thanks to the Radical’s Angels you can store your bags in safe and verified luggage storage the world over. What is a Radical Angel? It can be any local business that have to decided to be part of our network. We choose the best ones to turn them into Angels.

Low-cost baggage storage in Antwerp

People think that comfort is expensive. Sometimes it's true, but not in this case. Radical is a low-cost comfortably service! We have a flat rate of 5€ all over Europe. Traditional left-luggage services use to set hourly rates, but we are different! We want that people experience a day without weights or suitcases to drag!

A young city

Antwerp is a very modern and cool city, full of bars, shops and clubs. It was listed as one of Lonely Planet Top 10 Best Cities 2018. But Antwerp is rich in art too. It was the home of the painter Peter Paul Rubens along with Anthony Van Dyck. However, In more recent years, Flemish painters have been replaced by fashion designers.

The Cathedral of Our Lady

The Cathedral of Our Lady (Dutch: Onze-Lieve-Vrouwekathedraal) is a gothic building built between 1352 and 1521 and is the tallest church in Belgium. It’s famous for its Rubens altar paintings. The Antwerp Cathedral is now on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage list.