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Камеры хранения в Бат

Лучшие камеры хранения багажа в городе Бат

£ 5
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Район Бат Спа

2 минуты от Вокзала
5 минут от The Forum

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Район Центр города

2 минуты от Моста Палтни
5 минут от Центра Джейн Остин

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Район Центр города

В центре Бата
1 минута от Римских Бань

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Район Центр города

5 минут от The Circus
2 минуты от Центра Джейн Остин

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Your luggage storage in Bath

Are you in Bath during a stopover, a trip or on a business trip and want to relax a bit? We know that it’s impossible with a heavy suitcase! Are you thinking of leaving it somewhere, but you’re not sure where it’s safe? We recommend Radical, a luggage storage network with safe and accessible locations throughout UK and all over the world! With Radical you don’t have to worry about your bag being lost or damaged because our Angels keep an eye on your belongings until you come back. Our Angels are what we call our partners. They are local businesses located near the Christmas market, popular attractions, restaurants, hotels and museums. They can even provide you with extra services so don’t be shy and ask if you need any help with anything!

We will always be by your side

Are you planning your trip to Bath, but you’re worried about finding a left luggage for your bags? Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a technology expert to complete a Radical reservation. All you need is a smartphone and a connection. Our smart system will tell you the nearest Angel. Fill in the form and choose your payment option (credit card or PayPal). In the confirmation email, you will see all the information you need to reach your Angel. But you are probably wondering what about the price? It’s very affordable! As cheap as a cup of coffee. For £5 per bag and for the whole day you can explore Bath worry free! The drop-off and pick-up will be a breeze! So don’t worry about being late!

Retrieve Jane Austen’s steps

We all know Jane Austen for being a famous writer. But what if we tell you Jane Austen made Bath her home for a few years in the 1800. If you are a fan of her legacy, you must plan a visit to the Jane Austen Centre or attend the Jane Austen Festival in September while you are in Bath for an immersive experience. If you wish to take an audio walking tour, the tour in “the Footsteps of Jane Austen” is the most famous among tourists and residents. The tour takes you around the famous attractions of Bath and includes extracts from the famous author. After your audio tour, we recommend you take a break at The Pump Room for an afternoon tea. To end your day in Jane Austen’s shoes, why don’t you book the Jane Austen Wing at the Three Abbey Green, a charming hotel in Bath?

Bath Spa

If your trip is coming to an end and you haven’t taken the time to relax, you should set some time aside to indulge Bath’s spa culture. Taken the time to relax doesn’t mean dragging your suitcase to a spa. It means using our luggage storage near Bath Spa Station. We recommend you visit the Thermae Bath Spa to bathe in Britain’s naturally warm, mineral waters while you enjoy the breathtaking view of Bath from the rooftop pool. Why don’t you go all in and book a beauty treatment with an expert therapist, use a detox bath, take in a relaxing massage at one of many Bath’s spas? No matter what your budget is, Radical won’t change its price so you don’t have to worry about that. Go relax, you deserve it!