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Район Парко деи Песчи

6 минут от автовокзала (Flixbus)
9 минут от ярмарки La Spezia Expò

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Район Специя Центр

0 минут от парка Ла Специя
4 минуты от паромного терминала

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La Spezia hands-free!

Live your holiday in La Spezia until the very end and try our luggage storage service! When you arrived too early for check-in at the hotel or when your Airbnb does not guarantee a luggage storage service after check-out, Radical is the only app to download. You can also book directly from the website.

How does the service work and how much it costs?

We call all our partners “Angels" because they can keep safe your belongings for the whole day or just for a few hours if you wish. We are proud of our service and the fixed price we have set: only €5 per bag. The rate is valid for one working day (always check the opening/closing times of the preferred partner!).

La Spezia is worth a visit!

If you are on holiday in Porto Venere or the Cinque Terre, don’t forget to visit La Spezia. Even if it is not a very popular tourist destination, La Spezia hides incredible gems. A must-see is certainly the Old Town, an area that is mainly developed on two streets and that contains all the historical buildings of the city.

3 attractions in La Spezia you should not miss

Once finished your tour in the city center, three attractions you should visit are San Giorgio’s Castle, the amazing Harbour and the Cathedral. The first one is a historic building inside which you can find a museum with permanent and itinerant exhibitions, the second is an area where you can enjoy breathtaking views, while the third is a modern cathedral with beautiful Carrara marble interiors.