Radical Storage app Всемирная сеть хранения багажа Бесплатно: забирай прямо сейчас!
$ 6
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$ 3000 Гарантия
Район Саннисайд

На улице Белмонт
9 минут от парка Лорелхёрст

Район Сент-Джонс

В Сент-Дистрикт
5 минут от Сент-Джонс Твин Кинемы

Район Центр Города

В центре города
7 минут от Морского музея Орегона (Oregon Maritime Museum)

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Район Ирвингтон

В районе Ирвингтон
9 минут от остановки трамвая NE Grand & Broadway

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Открыто 24/7

Открыто 24/7
$ 6
/ сумка / день
Безопасно и гарантированно

Все места хранения безопасны и гарантированны, и весь багаж, оставляемый через платформу, покрыт гарантией Radical Storage

Открыто 24/7

Открыто 24/7
Гарантия 3000 Гарантия
Открыто 24/7
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$ 6
$ 6
/ сумка / день

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Security + Affordability = Radical

Traveling around the world or visiting your friends or family in another country is the best feeling ever. Just like you, Radical loves to travel and has been almost everywhere around the globe. That’s right! Radical has luggage storage options located in several countries around the world and in Portland, Oregon. If you’re are on a tight budget, don’t worry, Radical got your back. With only $6 per bag and per day, you can store your suitcase and go on a hike without having to worry about it. All of our locations are verified and secured so you can relax while drinking a beer and eating a pizza at our Angel’s business on NW 13th Ave.

How does it work?

Unlike lockers in train stations or airports, you don’t have to waste any second waiting in line to store your bags. With Radical, you can book your spot online or on the app. All you have to do is select your favourite Angel, fill out the form, pay through a credit card or PayPal account and check your email. On the day of, your Angel will be waiting for you! You’ll notice how great Angels are. They offer not only a secure space for your bags, but they can also help you find the best restaurants, hotels, art museums or even print documents for you. See, it’s super simple!

YOU CAN, in Portland

Portland is probably the safest state in the United States and is very open too. If you want to dress up, try new food or drinks, be whoever you want, you can, in Portland! If you’re Downtown and love coffee Stumptown Coffee Roasters is a well-known coffee roasters all around the world and serves amazing drinks. But you can’t drink a latte without a good book to read, so before going there, visit the Powell’s, one of the world's greatest bookstores. After your cup of coffee, you should visit the Lan Su Chinese Garden and the Portland Art Museum which aren’t too far away.

Rain, rain go away, come again another day…

Portland is known to have a lot of downfalls, BUT it shouldn’t stop you from visiting this gorgeous green city. There are a lot of activities you can do even if it rains do don’t you worry! If you haven’t shopped for your souvenirs yet and are in Portland on a Saturday, you should go to the Portland Saturday Market where you’ll find everything you need. If you did and you are spending more than one day in Portland, you should definitely go to the Forest Park where you can rejuvenate yourself! Don’t waste anymore of your time dragging your heavy bags and use Radical! Our Angels are waiting for you.