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3 минуты от Таллиннского порта
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Открыто 24/7
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Все места хранения безопасны и гарантированны, и весь багаж, оставляемый через платформу, покрыт гарантией Radical Storage

Открыто 24/7

Открыто 24/7
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Открыто 24/7
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Radical; here to help

Are you the type of person who travels with a heavy suitcase because you love having different outfits to choose from or like bringing all your beauty products with you? Well, if that’s the case and your plane leaves late at night, we have a service called Radical that can help you get rid of your heavy burden. Radical is a luggage storage network located all over the world and also in Tallinn. Our luggage storage options are available to store your suitcases whenever you need them. All of our locations are listed online, which makes it easier for you to scroll through and decide which one is best for your needs. If you are just passing through, you may find the luggage storage near Tallinn Old Town to be most convenient.

Save your money by using our service

We all know how expensive traveling can be. We all try our best to plan our holidays or business trips as best we can, but we can’t always control everything and unpredicted events or situations may occur. To help you worry less, Radical offers a luggage storage service at a fixed price of €5 per day and per bag. Whether you choose to check your bags into a restaurant next to Town Hall Square or into a cafe next to The Kumu gallery, the price is the same all day, every day. All locations listed online are legitimate local businesses that have been vetted and verified as reliable and trustworthy. Safe and secure luggage storage in Tallinn could not be easier!

Tallinn, the beauty of Estonia

Estonia is a beautiful country in northern Europe with medieval architecture, untouched nature and amazing Nordic food that is worth to try. If you are a nature lover, you won’t be disappointed in Tallinn. The Estonian Open Air Museum and the Tallinn Zoo are two favorites that can be visited all year around. The first one is showcasing the rural architecture and way of life of families lived in the 18-20th centuries. The second is a zoo offering hundreds of different species. If it’s a cold and rainy day, why not focus on other sites such as the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral or Tallinn Town Hall? The Town hall is the oldest of the Baltic region and Scandinavia which makes it an unavoidable sight to see especially around Christmas time with Tallinn Christmas market near the town hall.

What to do in Tallinn?

Are you also planning on visiting Finland, more specifically Helsinki? We have a great suggestion for you! If you’re taking the ferry to Helsinki and don’t know where to drop your bag while you have few hours to spare, why don’t you use our luggage storage near Tallinn Port ? Otherwise, you can go to the Kohtuotsa viewing platform to enjoy the panoramic view of Tallinn. After this stop, make sure you walk around the Old Town to admire the buildings that tell you stories, shop for souvenirs or take a nice cup of coffee like the locals. Last but not least, if you are visiting Tallinn, you should try and go during the Tallinn song festival grounds or the Black Nights Film Festival (PÖFF).