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Район Центр города

5 минут от залива Святого Эльмо (St Elmo Bay)
6 минут от музея собора Святого Иоанна (Saint-John's Cathedral Museum)

Район Набережная Валлетты

6 минут от Valletta Waterfront
5 минут от Круизного порта Валетты

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Discover our luggage storage in Valletta

Your holiday in Malta can become much more enjoyable thanks to Radical, the first luggage storage network with partners all over the world. At our storage spots, security is guaranteed. We only rely on verified hotels, restaurants, shops and offices throughout Malta. Before becoming a Radical Angel (we like to define our partners in this way) the company has to pass a specific test. Only the best companies will become Angels!

How much is Radical?

In addition to security, Radical ensures a flat rate. The number you need to remember is 5! Only €5, in fact, separate you from a lighthearted day. How boring is it to spend the last hours of your holiday with a suitcase by your side? And how uncomfortable is it to enter a museum with a heavy backpack? Forget this unpleasant feeling and book your Radical now!

Best things to do in Malta

Valletta that locals call Il-Belt holds more than 300 monuments in a single square kilometer! Between museums, amazing buildings, and churches, while there you'll be spoilt for choice! In Valletta, you can admire almost all the historical and artistic heritage of the entire island. Art lovers will love the MUŻA, a huge museum of fine arts where you will find works by Guido Reni, Salvator Rosa and William Turner.


In addition to its beautiful beaches, the Maltese capital boasts splendid sculptures, such as Vincent Apap's Triton’s Fountain and impressive palaces, such as the Auberge de Castille, the Royal Opera, and the Grandmaster’s Palace.
The Is-Suq Tal-Belt is also a must-see! This is Valletta's old market where you'll find fresh products, restaurants and relaxation areas.