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Area Russafa

In the neighbourhood of Russafa
11 minutes from Plaza de Toros de Valencia

Area La Lonja de la Seda

In the center of Valencia
3 minutes from Edifici Olympia

Area Valencia Nord Station

6 minutes from Valencia Nord Station
4 minutes from City Hall Square (Plaza del Ayuntamiento)

Area City Center

In the Old Town (Ciudad Vella)
4 minutes from Central Market

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Open 24/7
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Open 24/7
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Many travelers choose to go directly to their hotel after landing at the airport to drop off their luggage. This is not usually the first thing we want to do when visiting a foreign country. Luckily, Radical Storage can offer just the right solution for Valencia luggage storage problem.

Our luggage storage partners are located all over Valencia and are easy to find. Having your hands free, you will be able to go eat a delicious meal in a Spanish restaurant, visit historic museums and explore the beautiful streets of Valencia without worries.

Where to store bags in Valencia

Valencia is a vast and populated city in which you do not want to get lost. In addition, carrying your heavy luggage all day can slow you down and stop you from visiting all the places you want to see. Radical can help you with its convenient locations throughout Valencia and around the world.

Our partners, whom we call Angel, chosen by an array of local trustworthy businesses, allow you to quickly store your luggage when you travel to Valencia, rather than having to pack your bags all day long. You simply need to book your preferred one on our website and Radical app for just 5 per day/bag (a fixed price) and you will be done as soon as possible! Better yet, bookings can be made online via a secure booking system that protects your payment information. Here are some spots where you can find our reliable partners:

Enjoy your holiday in Spain to the fullest using Radical Storage!

Luggage Storage near Mestella Stadium:

Valencia has a lot of things to do and attractions to see, but one of the most loved activities is definitely watching a live football match in the Mestella Stadium in Valencia. Many football amateurs and tourists in the city swarm around the stadium, waiting for their favorite team to win their sought-after awards. So, do not waste your time and go shout for your team while enjoying a different evening in Valencia.

The only downside of this activity is that, unfortunately, the Mestalla Stadium of Valencia doesn’t have some secure luggage storage options or lockers, where you can put your things before the game. But it is not something to worry about since you can find many Radical Storage luggage storage options near the Mestella Stadium area. Now nothing can get you away from the match of the year!

North Train Station and Port of Valencia

The main hub for Valencia’s transportation system is the great Nord Train Station in Valencia. It is located in the heart of the city, just a few steps away from the Plaza de Ayuntamiento, so you can start your tour of Valencia as soon as you get here.

However, the Nord Train Station does not offer between their services a luggage storage unit, so you need to rely on other trustworthy services. Luckily, Radical Storage has many luggage storage options near Nord Train Station of Valencia, so you can store your suitcases and belongings there, and you will have nothing to worry about during your stay.

The city is well-equipped for all tourists: in fact, not only the city center is connected nicely, but also the distance from the Nord Train Station Valencia to the Valencia Airport is really short. If you want to reach the Nord Station in Valencia, maybe after your flight here in Spain, you can take either the Subway Line 5 or the Bus Line 150, and for a few euros, you’ll be able to come to the heart of Valencia.

What to do in Valencia:

Now that you have discovered if is Valencia worth visiting, you should not stop here and just keep hunting for more attractions to see. Here are five things you shouldn't miss during your visit to Valencia:

  • The City of Arts and Sciences: This futuristic complex is one of Valencia's most famous landmarks and a must-visit attraction. It includes a planetarium, a science museum, an opera house, and an IMAX cinema, all housed in stunning, avant-garde buildings.

  • The Central Market: This colorful market is one of the oldest in Europe and a great place to sample Valencia's famous cuisine. It offers an array of fresh seafood, fruits, vegetables, and local specialties like horchata and paella.

  • The Cathedral of Valencia: This Gothic cathedral is home to the Holy Grail, the chalice Jesus supposedly used during the Last Supper. It also features stunning frescoes and a bell tower with breathtaking views of the city.

  • The Turia Gardens: This park spans nearly nine kilometers and was created after the Turia river was diverted. It's the perfect place to take a stroll, rent a bike, or have a picnic.

  • The Albufera Natural Park: Just a short drive from the city, this stunning wetland area is home to a diverse range of flora and fauna, including migratory birds and the famous Valencia rice paddies. It's an ideal place to experience Valencia's natural beauty and rural traditions.